Review travel guidelines on expenses, My ASU Trip and the documentation and approval process.


All domestic and international trips with an overnight stay or airfare are processed in My ASU TRIP with a request submitted before travel and an expense report submitted within 30 days after a trip ends.

Accounts payable processes trips without an overnight stay, airfare and ASU travel card transactions on the mileage — parking reimbursement form (process EXP in Workday).

To ensure smooth travel arrangements, all requests for travel authorization requests must be submitted through My ASU Trip Access/Concur and approved by an authorizing travel official (ATO) and, if required, by ASU Travel and Risk Management before booking any travel.

Travelers are responsible for:

  • Obtaining necessary authorizations before initiating travel or incurring any expenses.
  • Completing The College Supplemental Travel Form for high-risk international travel (excluding ASU students) to expedite Risk Management review.
  • Adhering to the ASU Travel Policy.
  • Organizing travel arrangements and obtaining any required passports, visas, immunizations and additional international medical insurance.
  • Reviewing travel requirements high-risk destinations, if applicable. In addition to Concur, the traveler/department can use the Travel.State.Gov site to look up travel advisories.
  • Submitting a comprehensive expense report with receipts and proofs of payment within 30 days of the trip end date. Delayed reports may incur issue payroll deductions for outstanding travel card expenses beyond 120 days.
  • Notifying the Travel Service Center promptly about trip cancellations and allocating corresponding ASU Travel Card expenses.

For more details on ASU travel policies and resources, visit the  ASU Traveler Resources webpage, which guidance on international travel, using MyASU Trip, and accessing daily allowances. Please bookmark this link as ASU policies are updated periodically.

UPDATE: 10/17/23 Travel Guidance 

Two notable changes have been introduced to the Travel Guidance:

  1. Removal of the Travel Dean/VP approval for International Travel from the approval workflow for new international travel requests(Travel Dean/VP approval is necessary for any trips greater than $5,000, to a High Risk area and for any exception to ASU Travel Policy.) *Use The College Supplemental Travel Form for all travel to high-risk level requests for destinations rated at levels 4 and 5 in Concur. Please review the ASU Travel Policy Standard 3: Safety and Compliance, for more information on how a country or region is designated as high risk.
  2. The ability to book airfare, and lodging, rental cars, and other business travel arrangements through My ASU TRIP, directly with Anthony Travel, or another booking platform. *If a traveler’s airfare is not booked through My ASU Trip or directly with Anthony Travel be advised of the following:
    • The traveler or delegate must manually enter the flight and hotel itinerary for international travel in Concur immediately after booking the airfare or hotel so the university may fulfill its duty of care responsibility to ASU travelers. View the instructions to manually enter itineraries in Concur.
    • The traveler, delegate and department financial administrators are responsible for tracking and using unused airline tickets/credits for ASU business purpose.
    • Anthony Travel can only assist the traveler with flight changes or cancelations if the airfare was booked in My ASU Trip or directly with Anthony Travel. The traveler must work directly with the airlines or travel agency where the airfare was booked

If you have any questions, please email

The College Dean's Office

Registration can be paid with a P-Card or personal funds. If requesting payment via P-Card, please forward an invoice or a link to the registration with all of your registration information to Laurie Perko at

My ASU Trip

Please create your trip in My ASU Trip/Concur prior to book your flight or hotel arrangements. All travel is documented electronically through ASU's travel system, My ASU Trip. Please select Laurie Perko as the Account Approver on all travel requests and expense reports.

If you have questions, please contact Laurie Perko at for assistance.

General information for The College

Paying for travel expenses - Students, Faculty, and Staff

To purchase airfare, the easiest and most convenient method is to book your airfare through My ASU Trip/Concur with Anthony Travel using the university-wide airfare card. Other options for airfare are a Department P-card, the ASU Travel Card, or personal funds.

Please note: the only travel expenses that can be paid directly by Department P-Cards for students, faculty, and staff are airfare and conference registration. All other expenses must be paid directly by the traveler and reimbursed when the travel is completed via the My ASU Trip/Concur Travel system. The P-Card should not be used to guarantee hotel rooms, even if the intent is to use another card for payment upon checkout.


Please be sure that all travel are signed by the appropriate authorized travel official (ATO) for your unit. All department chair or director travels must be signed by the Dean's Office.

If the hotel rate is over the maximum allowed rate, please provide documentation if it is a conference-designated hotel. If it was not conference designated, please provide a justification for requesting a higher rate and send through VP for approval. There are exceptions; ATOs can approve hotel rates at the federal per diem amount. You must state that it is an approved federal rate on the travel documentation. 

Financial Services offers a training session every other month on the ASU Travel Policy and My ASU TRIP (Approver). This training is intended primarily for approvers and delegates that act on behalf of users. The training will cover ASU travel policy, use of the ASU travel card, My ASU TRIP, best practices and resources. Please read ASU travel policy prior to attendance.

My ASU Trip

Please create your trip request in My ASU Trip/Concur prior to booking your flight or hotel arrangements. All travel is documented electronically through ASU's travel system, My ASU Trip. Please select your Department Cost Center Manager as the Account Approver on all travel requests and expense reports. For step-by-step instructions use the My ASU TRIP Travel Manual.

Dean-level Approvals

  • Travel Authorizations greater than $5,000 will require dean approval. The requests over $5,000 will be automatically routed to The College Dean's Office business operations manager (BOM) for approval. Your BOM will review, obtain dean approval and then submit to Risk Management.
  • International Travel requests to high risk international destinations require approvals and documentation per ASU Travel Guidance. For international travel that does not include ASU students, the ASU traveler should complete and  attach the fully approved College Supplemental Travel Form for international travel with risk to expedite review by Risk Management.
    • Student International Travel - Arizona State University now provides a secure system for students traveling outside the United States and its territories to record ASU-related international travel plans. This service, provided by the Global Education Office, supports emergency communications and gives registered travelers access to valuable international health, safety and security resources. 
  • Travel for chairs/directors will require dean approval as the ATO. Please submit all Travel Authorization forms for your chair/director to The College Dean's Office BOM. Your BOM will review, sign as the ATO or obtain dean-level ATO approval, and then return to the unit. If you are using the online travel system via MyASU Travel, please route your authorization to The College Dean's Office BOM as the ATO. Your BOM will approve as ATO after reviewing with the dean. The following are the ASURITE User IDs for division BOMs for routing:

                    Carrie Montana (cmontan7) - for Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences

  • Certain travel exceptions that are denied by ASU Travel until further review may require dean approval. If ASU Travel denies an expense after the travel reimbursement has been submitted and they request further approvals from the dean and VP/provost, please email The College Dean's Office BOM with the request for approval. The email should include a justification and backup for the expense in question. Your BOM will obtain dean-level and provost approval and forward approval back to the unit, who in turn may then work with ASU Travel to process the reimbursement.

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