Review guidelines for reimbursements for payments with personal funds.

ASU's reimbursement policy incorporates all of the required IRS Accountable Plan rules, as follows:  (See policy reference FIN 420-01.)

  1. Faculty and staff must have paid or incurred expenses while performing services as an employee of ASU.
  2. Faculty and staff are required to properly account to ASU for the expenses within a reasonable period of time, generally between 7– 60 days of when the expenses were paid or incurred.
  3. Any excess advance must be returned to ASU within a reasonable time. If faculty or staff are paid more than the business-related expenses that have been incurred, the excess must be timely returned to ASU, generally 30 days after the expense was paid or incurred.

Purchases prohibited in FIN 401–03, “Prohibited Transactions,” cannot be processed as an employee’s reimbursement. Additionally, payments that constitute compensation for services rendered should not be paid for by faculty or staff directly. Compensation includes, but may not be limited to, payments for services performed by employees or independent contractors/consultants, payments for student support, and payment of expenses incurred by an employee or independent contractor/consultant. 

The College Dean's Office

If it is necessary for you to make a purchase using personal funds, please submit the scanned PDF version of both the paid and itemized receipts along with the completed The College PO to the Business Office,

Reimbursements over $1,000 require additional approvals by the dean, vice president and director of Arizona State University purchasing. These should be avoided by submitting your purchase requests through the Business Office.

For food reimbursements, please include an itemized receipt as well as a paid receipt and completed The College PO with your request. Alcohol expenses will not be reimbursed as they are prohibited on ASU funds.

General information for The College

Dean and vice president/provost approval

Reimbursements over $1,000

Dean and VP/provost approvals are required on reimbursements to employees over $1,000. (See policy reference FIN 420-01.)

After entering any requests that are reimbursements to your employees greater than $1,000, please send original documents with backup to your college dean business operations manager (BOM). A justification as to why they did not go through the business office staff for purchasing should be attached, as well as a statement that indicates the employee is aware of the policy and that future purchases will be handled through the department staff.

Once received, your BOM will review, obtain dean-level signature and then forward to the Office of the University Provost for VP-level approval.

The Office of the University Provost generally returns the documents to the Dean's Office, and we will forward on to accounts payable (A/P) through our courier service. If you would like to have it returned to you before sending to A/P, please let your BOM know.

Business Meals more than $40 per person

Meals and nonalcoholic beverages should generally cost $40 or less per person. (See policy reference FIN 420-02.) If the meal cost is anticipated to be more than $40 per person, then academic units should obtain the needed prior approval from their College BOM. (Alcoholic beverages may not be paid for with university funds from any source under any circumstances.)

Travel Reimbursements

(See policy reference FIN 501)

Student Reimbursements

(See policy reference FIN 422-02)

Other Forms

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