EDGE Conversations

On July 1, 2021 ASU introduced a new performance management tool that replaced the annual performance evaluation form and ratings. The elimination of the annual performance evaluation form was intended to foster a more coaching mentality at ASU. It is meant for employees and their supervisors to engage in more meaningful conversation surrounding their performance and career aspirations.  

EDGE stands for Engage, Develop, Grow and Empower and Conversations represents communication between the employee and the supervisor. By focusing on the four areas of EDGE through training and frequent conversations between supervisors and their team members, these practices can lead to increased performance and employee career fulfillment. EDGE is about managing performance as well as empowering the employee to take the lead in managing all aspects of their career at ASU. An effective leader will coach and encourage open and honest conversations in quarterly EDGE Conversations.

Ideally, EDGE Conversations occur on a quarterly basis for at least the employee’s first year. Each conversation may cover the four areas of EDGE or none; the intent is to create a time and space for conversation. 

  1. Engage is meant for supervisors to listen to an employee’s perspective on how things are going and provide feedback to the employee. 
  2. In concert with their supervisor, employees drive their own Development plan.
  3. Together, employees and their supervisors discuss opportunities for Growth.
  4. Employees are then Empowered to work on their mutually agreed upon goals for the quarter and beyond.  

For supervisors

As a supervisor, you have key responsibilities when it comes to EDGE Conversations. Meeting with each of your direct reports at least once a quarter is a critical component, which should be initiated by your employees. If regularly scheduled meetings with your employees are already in place, they may use one of those meetings for an EDGE Conversation. The goal of EDGE Conversations is to empower employees to build positive relationships with their supervisors. It’s important to encourage the employee to schedule the quarterly EDGE Conversation with you; if they do not, you should schedule one.